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The Unlawful Assembly

by Dawn Ray'd

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Autumn 2017 sees Dawn Ray'd return with their first full length LP and second ever release, The Unlawful Assembly. Pitching a more spiteful and malevolent anger against a new found triumph of melody and blasts, Dawn Ray'd delve deeper into the world 'A Thorn, A Blight' revealed to us. The record is divided into two parts, The Wild Service and The Wild Magic; it is equal parts malice and spite, and ethereallity and exultation. From the clean singing of 'A Litany To Cowards' to the thrashing pace of 'Emptiness Beneath The Great Emptiness', The Unlawful Assembly is a multi-pronged attack, but with one consistent message, inaction is not an option.

This is a 10-song strong call to arms, these are battle hymns for the coming class war.

Press for The Unlawful Assembly:

“The Unlawful Assembly is one of 2017's finest extreme metal recordings." - Noisey

"With their unique, evocative take on the genre’s tropes and outspoken anti-fascist stance, Dawn Ray’d are arguably the most refreshing and important black metal band around today." - Terrorizer

"I have little hesitation in declaring The Unlawful Assembly to be one of the best Black Metal albums of the year." - No Clean Singing

“It’s the kind of record that renews my hope and faith in metal" - The Quietus

“The best black metal album I have ever heard. This album is truly wonderful." - Glacially Musical

"It has always been the role of working-class folk music to speak the truth to power and Dawn Ray’d have by turns incorporated that tradition into contemporary black metal, flipping a genre long associated with the far-right on its head, red hot, weaponised and ready to take on the oppressors." Astral Noize UK

10/10 - "With The Unlawful Assembly, Dawn Ray’d have created a truly memorable, modern, classic record.” - Noizze


released October 2, 2017

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered in 2017 at Vagrant Recordings with Tom Dring
Cover Artwork by Michael Chance
Logo and layout by Rodrigo Almanaegra
Photography by Rob Adamson

All songs written and performed by Dawn Ray'd

Dawn Ray'd are Simon B (Vocals & Violin), Fabian D (Guitars), and Matthew B (Drums).


all rights reserved



Dawn Ray'd UK

Simon B - Vocals & Violin

Fabian D - Guitars

Matthew B - Drums

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Track Name: Fire Sermon
So light the fires and gather the stones!
Hot enough to burn them out,
And take back what we're owed!
We'll march to the gates of the prison for one final time,
Watch the vindictive governor cast his eyes up to the skies,
We'll make him feel for a moment all the despair and fear,
That he inflicted on the unfortunate for thousands of years.
We'll prise off the hinges and shatter the locks!
It's time to empty the cells!
They must be told they were never forgotten,
That their suffering will not be forgiven!
The dialogues of vengeance versus mercy
must be lead by those that were wronged,
For the naive and privileged have undermined us for too long.
These are things that cannot be forgiven, acts of suffering that can't be unsewn...
So light the fires and gather the stones!
Track Name: The Abyssal Plain
Either you and I see too much happiness
Or not enough,
I can't remember what we settled upon.
Is it the optimism of certain knowledge
Or our current disappointment,
That keeps us running ahead?

I heard that you can never truly see the present,
That after the time it takes
The light to hit your brain,
Everything you see is already past.
This leaves us two options.
Do we settle for nostalgia as all we'll ever process,
Or delight in the speed,
The winding of times path?

We must stop loosing the pressure valves,
Let the shadows grow!
This must never be palatable,
Let the shadows grow!

The insipid glare of orthodoxy,
Conformity's unforgiving spotlight,
Chases magic to the perimeter line,
Leaving darkness as our only adventure.

For all the times we've been sold out,
All the land that's been let down,
For all the families poverty drowns,
Let the shadows grow!
Track Name: Future Perfect Conditional
To avoid love to remain un-heartbroken,
To leave a dream un-chased,
To keep quiet when you should have spoken,
To see your passions gone to waste.
Is it the soul that won't remember
Or the heart that cannot trust?
A constant yearning,
to be safe, to be loved!
You must forever turn away
When all that's righteous tries to hold your gaze.
All that's light so quickly fades!

You heard the call and you did not answer.
You heard the cry for help and you turned away!
Your love will never be meaningful,
How can your heart ever be trusted?

You had a choice, and didn't make it,
Your hands are smooth and clean.
You said you wanted to taste the harvest,
But when the plough needed hauling you were not to be seen.
Track Name: Emptiness Beneath The Great Emptiness
All the wanting in the world
Won't bring your god to life,
Your weightless words are swept away
And I don't think anyone noticed.
I used to hope you'd just be extraneous,
but now I don't even hope.
Everything you've ever said,
every hatred, every sleight of hand,
Sees you fade out to irrelevance
So I guess thank God for that.

We could happily burn the lot
As a promise
for every childhood destroyed,
Every woman shamed.

Let the fires burn as a signal,
Let the fires burn as a signal,
Let the fires burn as a signal that
Our community won't fail to protect them again,
All this destruction will be avenged.

You have delighted in harsh decisions,
But it was really never a risk,
Because you would never feel
The consequences!
I'm sick of the same white male excuses
For those gross white male abusers.

Every hatred, every sleight of hand
Sees you fade out to irrelevance,
So I guess thank God for that.
Track Name: A Litany To Cowards
To delight in others subjugation,
To control via scapegoating and fear,
To try and intellectualise evil,
to aspire to a tightly bound spear.

The language might be different,
the sentiment's the same,
You chose the weakest
To shoulder all the blame.
Track Name: The Ceaseless Arbitrary Choice
You gamble again on the listing scales,
The balance endlessly tilting,
The rigid structure that will only ever fall two ways.
Adamant that the balance cannot be predetermined,
That the coin be constantly tossed,
And each half equally weighted,
There is confusion when the odds don't always favour you.
It's very failure you see as it's strength,
It's blindness to need or compassion,
Gives weight and credence
To evils you thought
The machine would erase.

An instrument designed to balance the great opposites
Must always rely on good and evil.

Why is there a ceiling on what we are trusted with?
In place of the gamble on hope or despair,
Why can we not rig the system?
Let's force the outcome,
Let's trust ourselves completely
And know that cruelty is not the prerequisite of kindness.

This is all by our hand
And can easily be undone,
Lets stop the arbitrary outcomes,
And just set the balance once.
Track Name: Held In A Lunar Synthesis
The nights are long and unwanted,
A blur of troublesome sights exhausting,
The dark side of what it is to dream.
Rest that I wish I never needed,
A task, a hurdle that racks the mind.
I love the night but not the visions,
Not the apparitions,
A thousand times I'll ne'er do well,
And my weakness is always at the centre.
Oh! if you could see these scenes,
Each trait insufferable,
Inability displayed a thousand ways,
My inability displayed a thousand ways!

Daybreak finds it different,
The sun grows the lie in my every word,
A shadowed husk swathed in saccharine cloth,
The years have seen to it that the mask won't slip.
But the moon sees the mind stripped naked,
The pleasing veil gone and what is, remains.
What it is to hate to sleep.
Track Name: Strike Again The Hammer Sings
Where is the logic in tolerating boundaries
That the eye cannot see,
That the heart will not follow,
To which the very land won't adhere?
A true test of decency is:
When faced with razor wire
One can only fix on the beauty on the other side,
The wire won't come into focus.
The shadow it was built to cast is dismissed by the boundless sun.
To uphold these limits of land betrays a limit of the mind.
We are only alive in these songs,
And the songs belong to the land,
We must bury all those that divide us
Under the ash of every national flag!
Its time to end the pain the borders bring,
Strike again the hammer sings!
Track Name: Island Of Cannibal Horses
And as Ignorant feet slap towards us,
Eagerly in defence of this miserable land,
We beautiful women and men run to meet them.

Concrete is crumbled into handfuls,
Roughly and perfectly hewn,
Small enough to be given flight,
Heavy enough to go through skull and skin.

These streets are now ours
And we have every right to uproot them,
Cobbles are re-purposed
To rain down on those in our way.

The air crackles with fear and hunger,
A perfect hatred,
As intense as you will ever feel,
As intense as you would ever feel!
We command our fists and spit and hatred
To rain down on them unbridled:
Stop. You were given the chance to stop.
Now you are being given assistance.

This is our community,
It is strong and we will defend it.
There is nothing that fights harder than love.
Track Name: A Thought, Ablaze
When they tried to scapegoat our brothers and sisters,
When they tried to hide hatred behind a criticism of religion,
When they made jokes about genocide,
When they threatened ordinary people's lives,
A few of us could not allow them to create the division.

We talked so much about this
That soon it turned to action,
Then the actions became so big
The talking had to stop.
Now silent and raging,
We were finding pain
Where many had not thought to look.

Every time you gave everything you had,
And every time it was not enough,
And every time you did things you once would not have done,
Things that you were uncomfortable with before.

My heart has been tormented
But broken it will never be,
To be defeated and still living
Is not alive to me.

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